Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (TOS) is a contract between you and/or your company (you or your) and Addova Inc. (Addova, we, us or our). All clients of Addova agree to abide by these policies and warrant that they are at least 18 years of age, and that they have the right and authority to bind themselves, or the company that they represent, to the terms of this TOS. This TOS may be modified from time-to-time.  All clients of Addova agree to be bound by these modifications. The most recent version of this TOS can be obtained upon request or on the Addova website.

While we facilitate your business on the Internet, we are an independent contractor. We only have control of the products and services we provide directly, and are not liable for your actions, the actions of our third party service providers, or the actions of individuals who use your products and services (End Users).


All services (except for set-up) will be prorated from the date of service activation. We bill invoices via email on the first of each month. All billing correspondence (invoices, notifications, etc.) is done via email. It is crucial you maintain current contact information: email, mailing address, and phone number.


All initial fees must be paid prior to set-up. These fees include:
– Set-up fees
– Current month pro-rated amount
– 2nd month of service


Our billing cycle is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. You will receive an invoice for service one month in advance, e.g. July 1st you will receive a bill for August service.


Once your account is 15 days past due you could be charged a late fee of $40.00 plus 2% of the amount owed, which will be reflected on your next invoice. Late fees will accrue monthly until the account is brought current.


All accounts 90 days past due will be suspended. Suspended accounts will not be allowed any access to their services. Additionally, Addova, Inc. will repossess all leased property and equipment. All repossessions will be carried out in a fair and transparent manner and only after issuing a notice.
Addova, Inc. attempts to automatically charge any credit card(s) on file for all past due invoice(s) for current, suspended and canceled accounts.
Accounts suspended and reactivated must pay all past due and current amounts, and are subject to reactivation fees.
Terminated/canceled accounts lose all their stored services.


To cancel your account, you must postmark your letter with the intent to cancel 25 days prior to the cancellation date. Cancellation does not apply to Master Service Agreements until the expiration of all terms specified in all order forms and/or of the terms specified in all statement of works (SOWs).

Notices regarding Addova policies should be directed to:

Addova, Inc.
1521 N. Argonne Rd.
Suite C340
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

All accounts requesting cancellation are terminated on the last day of the month.

Before accounts are suspended or canceled, any credit card on file will be used to pay all past due invoices.

Addova, Inc. will continue to attempt to collect payment for all past due invoices on accounts that are canceled and still have a balance due. Collection attempts include charging any credit card on file, emailing invoices and submitting past due accounts to collection agencies.

We currently accept payment, in US Dollars only, through the following source: Check, e-Check, and wire.

You can contact our billing department via invoices@addova.com. Please be sure to include your account number on all billing correspondence. The customer account number is located on the top right of invoice.