Public Hosting – Addova Extreme Value…

Our public hosting uses a secure and scalable IaaS computing infrastructure built on top of a highly available, multi-tenant environment powered by HyperV.

When engineering our cloud, we delivered more than cores and gigs and designed a cloud that drives real business outcomes. With security at its heart, support included, options for automatic scalability without rearchitecting applications, lightning fast disk I/O, workload portability and flexible billing options, public cloud empowers your organization to pay-as-you-grow.


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Autoscale CPU/RAM
  • Pay-as-you-grow storage
  • High Availability standard
  • Flexible Backups
  • Managed services included

Enterprise Class without Enterprise Cost

You don’t cut corners – neither should your infrastructure provider.  Build your business on top of an Enterprise Class architecture including an Cisco powered network, 10 GBPS to every blade server, SSD Accelerated Storage, blade servers, powered by HyperV and backed by Addova’s robust managed services.

Leverage the power of public cloud with built in high availability, burstability on demand, robust security and workload portability.

Support and Managed Services Included

To deliver the results your organization requires, it takes more than simply spinning up a server.  Managed services for monitoring application health, remediating problems, 24/7 support, patching, backups and security are included with each managed server. And while we do the work, you have complete transparency into health, uptime, security, performance and operations.

Built with Security at its Heart

Why buy a cloud server to just share it with someone?  That someone being cyber criminals.  Hackers compromise servers not only to get at your data, but to use them for their own malicious purposes.  

Addova protects your sensitive data and cloud infrastructure via our security platform included with every cloud server.

While competitors public clouds rely on simple software firewalls like iptables or windows firewall, the bad guys know once they are in, going laterally is easy.  That is why you will have your own private VLAN and dedicated Cisco ASA firewall to ensure that no matter what the bad guys have in store, you are protected.