Managed Services

Managed Services at Addova…

Managed Services with Addova Hosting provides you a robust team of implementation, support and security to your environment 24/7 without having to deal with the infrastructure, cost, maintenance and compliance regulations that traditional managed services often lacks. 

While deciding on which managed services provider to utilize, keep in mind that “managed services” can differ from company to company.  Be sure to ask specifically what is included in each vendor’s managed services so you get the best solution for your business.

If most managed services companies are similar, why do our clients stay with us so much longer? Good question, with a lot of great answers, starting with the fact that our clients’ servers and applications always stay up because our Managed Services do more than fix problems — they keep them from happening in the first place. And then there is our engineers who are more like an extension of our you team, which enables you to focus on running your business instead of getting the runaround from less proactive managed services providers.  Perhaps the most important reason our customers’ stay with us longer is because at Addova we keep our promise and deliver. And to do that, we provide the industry’s best monitoring, recovery, patching, backups and security, and deliver all of that with no-surprise pricing.

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Managed Services at Addova

Our goal is to provide you the very best managed services experience in the industry. It is part of the reason why we developed a managed services experience that comes standard for all customers to ensure that your systems stays up, so you can sleep more.

What is included when I choose managed services with Addova?


Before every problem, there are signs of trouble. That is why our monitoring searches not just for signs, but for signs of signs. We do that by combining by monitoring x data points per minute against the data intercepting and fix issues well before they even have a small chance of becoming a big problem.


Losing just a small amount of data or availability is not an option at Addova. Since we are your first responders, we do not regard disasters as hypothetical or potential events. Instead we see them as ever-present threats that we are fully dedicated and prepared to prevent. So with Addova, your data and your reputation are always protected. That is why every server in our data center has RAID protection, every server, OS and application is monitored. You may think we respond so fast that we can see into the future. We call it good planning in partnership with you.

24/7 Support

Have a problem? One of our promises is support on your first phone call. Our support staff ensures you get the help you need, when you need it. We are proud to be a U.S. based company with our entire support staff based right here, to provide the very best service to you. We do not outsource a single part of our business overseas, all to ensure you the best managed services experience in the market and the world.


We patch to only one kind of schedule. Yours. Here’s why: If a patch fails, attackers can gain the upper hand, so Addova promises to not only install every new security patches, but to do it promptly so your availability — and your security — are never compromised.


We know there is a direct correlation between how important your company’s data is and how much you worry about keeping it safe. At Addova we are obsessed with protecting your data and we believe backups should not have to be an option. That is why every single customer receives backups and offsite Disaster Recovery standard for both physical and virtual environments with options to increase your protection as needed for to your unique business. We also maintain copies of your data in two separate geographies in our secure and state-of-the-art data centers to ensure we can recover your data.


A lot of companies could promise to be as secure as Addova is, but look at all they would have to do: Besides needing to offer our Enterprise level of 24/7/365 personalized support and 100% uptime SLA, they would have to match Addova’s security platform, which, we can confidently say, no one does. Every single customer at Addova has a firewall, Intrusion Protection and Intrusion Prevention System. This allows us to provide a more secure environment for your data to be stored with other companies who also value security – producing fewer threats and saving everyone money. Even more impressive, Addova provides all this extra security at no additional cost. Which should make other providers feel a bit less secure.


With Addova, not only do your systems always stay up, but your invoice will always stay the same. It is true: the biggest surprise with Addova pricing is that there are absolutely no surprises. We promise to bill you precisely what we agreed to, with no sudden add-ons, vague adjustments or “normal” increases. So when your bill arrives, you will know what it will be even before you read it. Is not that a pleasant surprise?

How do I know if my company needs Managed Services?

Determining whether your company needs managed services for your business is an important first step that your company should discuss internally, by asking these questions:

  • Do our services have to be up and running at all times?
  • Does a core part of our business depend on our service? (This is a critically important question.)
  • Do we have important information on our systems that we need to protect? (Important, private information includes: health data records, financial records, school grades, credit card information, and similar information.)
  • Do we have the capital to build the infrastructure and hire the necessary people to maintain the safety of our systems 24/7/365?
  • Is our company growing rapidly? (If it is, you likely need a new service provider who can easily scale to meet your business goals.)
  • Do our systems constantly go down and/or frequently plagued by glitches and problems?