Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides all your hardware in a virtual environment, so your entire computing infrastructure is in the cloud, including servers, network connections, bandwidth, load balancers, IP addresses, and other features.

Among the many benefits of IaaS are its scalability, security and, of course, its cost effectiveness as there’s no investment in infrastructure.


Dedicated hosting entails securing data on a server devoted to your organization only. Having a dedicated environment provides unique customization and security paired with our Addova’s Hosting 24/7/365 high-tech support team.

At Addova, we invest in only the best hardware for you. They significantly lower the probability of failure, while improving performance so you can focus on your business, while we focus on keeping your business running at all times. Our dedicated servers achieve this with redundant, high-RPM hard drives, redundant power supplies, high-speed RAM, CPU and RAID caching controllers.

Addova’s highly trained, fully dedicated and 24/7/365 tech-support and engineers who monitor and have full responsibility over your dedicated servers, software, database and security. So you are free to focus on running your company without worrying about running into hosting issues no matter what your investment is.  Even better, that price will come with a big surprise: absolutely no surprises, which means the agreed upon price is exactly that, with no add-ons or surcharges every single month.

When your bottom line is dependent upon your site or application always being up, then High Availability Hosting is what you need.

And while most providers of High Availability Hosting have the servers, Addova configures servers to best reduce risk, prevent failure and, of course, deliver, the high availability you expect and need.

You might be new to High Availability Hosting or looking to migrate your environment.  Either way, our team is here to learn about your environment, identify the key challenges you are currently having and work with your IT team hand-in-hand in developing a solution and setting up milestones to ensure we are not only preventing problems, but also anticipating them to cause you less disruptions. 

To do that, we carefully consider the application stack, disk i/o, CPU and memory utilization, percentage of code vs. media served, number of concurrent users, session persistence, database performance, projected growth, and potential traffic surges. All to provide you with the availability you need and the 100% uptime you deserve.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that speeds up your site, load balances network traffic, and improves performance.

Using a caching CDN helps to maintain the kind of web hosting performance that keeps your customers happy. And it lets you keep your focus on your business and not worry about how quickly your content is reaching your visitors.


Colocation hosting refers to having your servers and devices setup at one of Addova’s Hosting’s state-of-the-art data centers which frees you from having to deal with the day-to-day management of your servers while our high-tech support team of professionals treat your gear as if it were our own.

Our colocation server hosting customers get a personal team of engineers who know their gear, software, applications and preferences, and are available 24/7/ 365 for recommendations and configuration consultations. Our engineers will supervise and take responsibility for everything, including software, databases, hardware and OS, even contacting hardware vendors on your behalf if an incident occurs. So you are free to focus on running your company without worrying about running into Colocation hosting issues.

You can also feel secure with Addova’s unequalled security.