Many small and medium-sized business (SMBs) find themselves in need of assistance in order to ensure proper configuration of their network infrastructure. By teaming with certified Cisco consultants – such as the team at Addova – your organization can ensure that your network can consistently handle the needs of your network, with capacity to spare.

Our Team

Addova’s team of specialist consultants and technical support staff maintain an active, working knowledge of the latest aspects of Cisco hardware, network infrastructure, wireless LANs, security and more. Whatever network challenges you face, our team is both skilled and experienced to meet your needs.

Addova guarantees 24x7 access to our team of professionals to customers whose Cisco devices are covered under our remote management services Plan.

Network Installation & Infrastructure

As a result of our years of expertise helping companies to build and manage growing networks, we have developed a full-proof, systematic approach to guarantee that your network is up and running quickly, efficiently and effectively. Whether your firm is seeking to overhaul a local area network (LAN) or install a wide area network (WAN), our team of experts can help with any and all aspects of network design and installation.

Network Security

Our network security specialists can provide your firm with a security analysis that outlines your network’s risks and vulnerabilities. We can then help address those issues by implementing a variety of security solutions – such as firewalls, intrusion detection services, VPNs and more.