Database Server

Database Solutions

We know your databases are the heart of your applications, and usually the most critical component of your managed hosting environment.  It is our mission to design a platform that is highly available, secure and maximizes performance.

Whether you implement Oracle or MSSQL Server we can perform an analysis of how your applications use your database.

Consider the following factors in your design:

  • Memory requirements
  • Caching strategies
  • RAID Layout 1/5/10 depending on READ/WRITE optimizations
  • Implementation of read-only reporting servers
  • High availability configurations
  • Monitoring requirements

If you deploy Microsoft SQL Server, we consider:

  • MSSQL performance tuning and monitoring
  • Implementing Instance and DB level high-availability
  • Allocate MDF, LDF, Tempdb, and OS onto separate RAIDS
  • Backup and retention policy
  • User mapping and data security

And if you deploy Oracle, we also consider:

  • .ORA performance configuration parameters
  • Implementations of RAC and Dataguard
  • Separation of reads and writes to separate nodes

We not only manage your database environment, but also offer advice on performance tuning, application design considerations and even crisis DBA consulting as needed. We offer High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions as Mirroring, Windows Failover Clustering, AlwaysOn Clustering, AlwaysOn Availability Group, native and 3rd party replication and logshipping. Addova also consults with your team to recommend and implement a backup strategy tuned for your business’s requirements.

If you are considering database resources, take advantage of the fact that our engineers have years of experience managing mission-critical business applications supported by the world’s most popular database engine. They can design, develop and implement a high-availability solution to suit your needs and budget.

From high availability master – slave replication, to multi-node content replication, to performance tuning, our experts are involved in your database platform design even before you sign your order, and for many years to come.

Whether you deploy MySQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server, we help migrate your database to Addova with no downtime and after your go-live, our DBA’s proactively monitor your server for performance and availability, and continually offer advice to improve performance.