IBM Information Management

Information Management unlocks the value of organizational data by transforming it into information for competitive advantages, business optimization and improved business outcomes. The ability to deliver the right information at the right time and in the right context is crucial. Organizations are overwhelmed with data, and solutions to create, manage, govern and deliver trusted information are critical to extracting the greatest return on your investment.

Addova offers Big Data, Master Data Management & Governance, Data Warehousing & Integration and Data Lifecycle Management & Security solutions to help your organization manage and transform structured data. These solutions are critical to unlocking the value of disparate systems and applications across the enterprise, and Addova excels in leveraging Information Management to seamlessly integrate your environments.

Big Data Big Data

Gain insight into emerging data types that will improve business agility and answer questions that were previously beyond reach. With the ability to comprehensively manage new data sources, such as text, audio, video, social media, log files and more, organizations are better positioned to create and analyze a complete picture of a company’s environment.

Master Data Management and GovernanceMaster Data Management & Governance

Create a single, unified view of an organization, including customers, products, suppliers, inventory and employees. Master data management and data governance are organizational strategies for documenting and implementing business rules and controls around corporate information assets. By maximizing the performance potential of information, organizations will increase confidence in decision making, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and decrease the risk of regulatory fines.

Data Warehousing and Integration Data Warehousing & Integration

Simplify and streamline the delivery of data into enterprise applications with data warehousing and integration. These solutions allow your organization to inventory fragmented data and information assets, create an integration strategy that aligns with your business philosophy, and deploy tools to align data assets to support business goals. The end result helps organizations dramatically lower costs, boost productivity, and reduce risk by enabling IT to better meet business demands for timely, relevant, trustworthy data.

Data Lifecycle Management and SecurityData Lifecycle Management & Security

Securely manage the entire lifecycle of business information, from data creation to disposition. With data lifecycle management and security solutions, your organization will ensure compliance requirements are met, exposure to confidential or private data is controlled, and storage costs are reduced due to proper retention schedules.


  • Addova offers a wide range of solutions and services to assist with your IBM Information Management projects.
  • Strategy: Assessments and strategic blueprints
  • Foundation: Installation, configuration, education and enablement
  • Execution: Full project lifecycle for customized solutions
  • Infrastructure: Software upgrades, installation, configuration and migrations