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Service Credit Programs

The Addova credit program options give customers the most valuable resource… your hard earned revenue in your own pocket. Each customer has an option that suits their core operational needs and long-term goals.

Service Awards

For those companies that have a low ticket and change volume. While most support is unlimited, we want to award those customers who seldom call for support. If the customers falls below a call/change threshold agreed upon Addova credits them for services not utilized to a particular scale by credit on the following invoice.

Addova Value Fund

Best suited for companies that are looking to reduce their IT spend through outsourcing with a high growth business. The program functions similar to a whole life policy where where a percentage of your contribution is reinvested into a fund whereby the funds slowly starts applying a credit through the interest earned reducing your monthly spend.

Achievement Bonuses

This program is best suited for customers with a emphasis on operational cost reductions that are hyper focused on savings. Addova requires a deep dive assessment into the actual spend and develops a mutual plan whereby the customer only pays a fraction of the invoice unless Addova meets their commitments to reduce spend.

Get Addova’s most comprehensive support – Partner Level

Partner Support will meet your complex support needs by giving you complete, end-to-end managed support across the platform. With Partner Support you can scale your capabilities with ease, collaborate more strategically with Addova and empower your business to make the most out of their IT investments.

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