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Welcome to the Client Portal Downloads:



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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I log a ticket?

Always include your full name, company, telephone number and email address. In some cases Addova requires this information for requests requiring validation.

You can log a request using any method below:

Email – [email protected]

Support Portal – Go to http://support.addova.com, Log in with your credentials.

Desktop – In your notification center on your taskbar, there is an Addova icon. Right click on the icon and choose ‘Request Support.’

800-514-3787 – The Network Operations Center will receive your call 24/7


2. I have a urgent issue and need support now?

The escalation process should be used only when the ticket has not been addressed within the required SLA or if the requestor does not feel the received support is adequate.

3. What is my severity?

The correct severity level ensures that the most vital issues are resolved first and reign in precedence over some other minor matters. Sev1 & 2 requests must include business impact and require the call back number is reachable.

Sev 3: Has some work impact. Will likely be addressed within 24 hours. (Ex. Need access to data analytics application)

Sev 2: Has significant individual work impact, meaning you or another single employee cannot work. Will likely be addressed within 4 hours, during work hours.

Sev 1: Has significant team-wide work impact, meaning multiple employees are unable to work. Will be addressed immediately, 24/7. For outages and emergencies only.