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Managed Service Provider - FAQs

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider is a third-party company that provides network, application and system management services to enterprises with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The MSP allows enterprises without IT expertise to improve their day-to-day operations and avoid IT maintenance issues. When an enterprise does not have the resources to employ a dedicated IT team to handle development and maintenance, those needs are outsourced to a managed IT service provider.

How do MSPs Work?

Using a MSP does not mean an enterprise gives up all control and responsibility for IT operations. While small and medium companies with lower budgets may benefit from most or all of their IT outsourced, using a MSP can be a strategic method for enterprises to keep some operations in-house while outsourcing others. Together, the company and the managed service provider determine the best course.

The MSP reviews an enterprise’s processes to find ways to improve efficiency, lower risk and reduce costs.

Typically, the MSP handles the most time-consuming, complex and repetitive work. They also provide on-going maintenance and support. In addition, modern IT MSPs can help your business implement and manage those solutions and optimize their alignment with your business goals.

What do MSPs do?

The MSP business model offers more than just convenient and lower cost IT application management. Modern business technology MSPs can tailor and fine-tune custom combinations of solutions for your business’ specific needs.

How an MSP Can Improve Your IT Operations?

The expertise of the managed IT service provider gives top IT knowledge to small and medium sized businesses may not possess them on their own and large enterprises will also benefit from the extension of IT resources and capabilities without the expense or difficulty of finding, hiring, and retaining new staff or retraining and reallocating the staff.

MSPs often have more resources to devote than any individual business to stay up to date and understand emerging technologies. MSPs also tend to have more direct experience with implementation, integration, and management. This means the right MSP can help guide you and your business through the technological, organizational, and cultural challenges that every significant IT-related initiative may face.


What Does Addova Offer as a Managed Service Provider?

We offer several solutions that we customize for all our customers.
Visit our website to see our suite of services.

 Addova is not a conventional IT managed service provider and we do not intend to become one.

For more information about our difference, see here.

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