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Adopt Desktop As A Service (DaaS) To Work Smarter Not Harder

Remote work is becoming more preferred for most companies and employees. This can prove difficult when different devices with various operating systems, applications, and services are being used to access the required materials and software.

How can you ensure your files and applications are available to share with others containing the most recent figures? Most importantly, how do you make sure that all this valuable data is secure?

Enter Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.

The concept of DaaS is a cloud service that provisions virtual desktops using a server to host many personal computer desktops at the same time.


The Top 5 Business Advantages of DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has become a hot topic for businesses in many industries, such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Digital Marketing, High Tech.

DaaS offers numerous benefits:


Predictable Monthly Costs

The DaaS pricing model is per-user based, meaning, you only pay per profile as employee headcount goes up or down.


Fully Redundant Backups.

With DaaS, fully redundant backups will ensure that your data is never lost. You no longer have to worry about hard drive failures, human error, or even natural disasters.


Easily Manage File Structures.

Do you have sensitive files that only limited users should access? These can be stored in the cloud with customizable permissions that are maintained and thoroughly tested by DaaS service provider, not by employees who may “accidentally” change permissions.


Anywhere Access.

Employees can access files and applications from just about anywhere using their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices using a secure VPN connection. No more logging into company data from public wifi without a secured network connection.


World-Class Support.

You no longer have to worry about expensive in-house IT headcount. DaaS is cost-effective, and your IT service provider should offer 24/7/365 help desk included in the package. 

Why Addova for DaaS?

Desktop as a Service, cloud computing, and virtual desktop hosting; these terms may seem confusing, but don’t let the lingo and acronyms deter you. A whole new way of working is right at your doorstep, providing fully redundant backups, predictable monthly pricing, increased security, and world-class customer support.

Addova’s Desktops-as-a-Service gives you secure access to the specialized applications and data needed to run your business. Maintain a beautiful user experience on any device, with high performance over any network – even for 3D professional graphics applications and workstations.

Contact us today to find out how DaaS is right for your organization to work smarter, not harder.

We ensure a brilliant user experience on any device, under any network condition, often equaling or surpassing the local PC experience.