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Compliance Audits Solutions: Get Compliant, Stay Compliant and Prove It

Compliance audits don’t sound like a ton of fun, but they may be a necessary evil for your business.
Most major U.S. companies maintain compliance with at least one IT security regulation. Not only are many of these regulations mandatory, but they also greatly benefit companies: Improve Security, Minimize Losses, Increase Control, and Maintain Trust.

Compliance audits are critical for all businesses, no matter the industry.

Whether your company is most concerned about SSAE-16, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, FFIEC, FISMA or FERPA compliance frameworks, when it comes to auditing compliance of dozens or even hundreds of deployed applications, IT is not exempt from its share of requirements (or pain).

Determining which regulations apply to your business can be difficult. Even more difficult is maintaining them all. Compliance changes are frequent and can be confusing, with rules and guidelines often falling on the shoulders of human resources managers and IT departments.

What You Need – An Outside View, A Fresh Perspective.

As your trusted IT advisor and partner, Addova wants to do more than checkboxes. We are here to help you:

Save Money – Leverage Addova’s infrastructure. We will provide all the tools, systems 24/7 security operations team.

Achieve Compliance Quickly – Your dedicated implementation engineer in concert with our security team will help answer all your questions, assist in the completion of compliance documentation and respond to audit requests.

Avoid Fines – We will work tirelessly to protect your data, going beyond compliance to ensure your data is safe. When implemented properly, the cost of compliance is much lower than the cost of non-compliance.

Stay Up-To-Date – We are constantly reviewing standards, attack vectors, and audit standards and updating our platforms to stay ahead of changes so you don’t have to.

Pass Audits Faster – Our security team is by your side through the entire audit process. They know how to work most efficiently with auditors to help pass your audits quickly.


We understand how vital compliance is to the success of your business, so we engineered security into the foundation of our offerings. It ensures you peace of mind with your company, your customers and your auditors.

Let Addova offer the compliance auditing solutions tailored to your business industry.

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