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SD-WAN: 7 Facts and 6 Trends At a Glance

What is SD-WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.



SD-WAN is no fad: enterprises of all sizes are taking advantage of the cost-savings, improved quality of services, security, and reliability.
Why? Because not only dramatically lower costs, they help businesses become more agile by enhancing business productivity.

To help you make an informed decision on whether or not it is right for your enterprise, we compiled top trends and facts as defined by leading networking analysts.

Check below to learn the facts and the key predictions about the future of wide area networking.

7 Facts About What You Can Do With SD-WAN

Fact 1: You can deliver SLAs for enterprise apps over consumer broadband
Fact 2: You can replace brand routers
Fact 3: You can intelligently and granularly steer individual cloud-based apps over the internet
Fact 4: You can bring new branches online in hours
Fact 5: You can deploy over your existing infrastructure
Fact 6: You can enhance WAN and application security
Fact 7: You can build a self-driving SD-WAN

6 SD-WAN Trend At a Glance

Digital business transformation has increased the urgency for transforming WANs.

How Addova Can Help Businesses In SD-WAN Deployment

Digital business transformation has increased the urgency for transforming WANs.

When deploying the technologies, it’s not all about choosing the right platform. Companies that want to deploy SD-WAN are likely to recognize the benefits of an MSP (managed service provider) partner working with them.

Working with a managed service provider can offer full management that frees up in-house IT staff to focus on more strategic activities in line with business goals. The managed services route also means enterprises can operate the pay-as-you-go model, reducing IT costs, and enjoy SLAs that guarantee performance levels.

With SD-WAN and a trusted MSP partner by your side, the future of the business looks brighter than ever.


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